Inspired in part by the new guitars RRP purchased with their economic stimulus checks, when solicited via myspace to perform again precisely one year after their first gig occurred in April 2007, RRP took a good hard look at their calendars and boldly replied, “I suppose.”

Little did anyone know that RRP would sucker-punch the St. Louis music scene with this renaissance performance and decide to actually start practicing. The band, comprised of Jason Rutherford on lead guitar and Rebecca Rutherford on vocals and guitar when she doesn’t forget to play, Jerry Haines on bass when he remembers to show up and Kevin Dager on drums when he's not dropping sticks, has combined their wine-drinking hobby, beer drinking skills and their zest for finding the perfect drink, with their love of music, creating the first album, “Quit Wasting Tape.”

RRP draws inspiration from everyday lunacy, resulting in a cornucopia of song topics that cover the unexpectedness of meeting your soul mate in a shanty dive bar; having a relationship with someone that they don’t know about; complainers and their correlating apathy; and a singing celebration of the Taco Bell/KFC dual fast food phenomenon.