Now available on Zune!!! Now available on Last.FM! Now available at the Nokia Music Store!!! Now available at SonicTap! Coming soon to Amie Street!!! Now available at LimeWire!!! Now available on Lala! Now available on ShockHound! Now available on eMusic!!! Now available on Napster! Now available at Rhapsody!!! Now available as mp3 download and CD! Now available on iTunes!!!
Quit Wasting Tape, released on January 14th, 2010! You can purchase our album digitally from the online retailers above (just click on the link), and you can also purchase a CD from Amazon. We'll also have CDs for sale the last week of February and will be offering them for sale at our shows and through our website. We'd love to hear feedback on what you think of our debut album, please don't hesitate to give it a review!

Taco Bell KFC [download]
Because we're not sure about that whole copyright infringement, trademark thing... we had to offer this one up to you as a freebie! This is a (play it at the end of the night at a show tune), that our fans always seem to want to hear! It's yours to download for free, no strings attached (other than we hope you like it!)